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Hello! My name is Dani Adams (aka: The Chronicler). I've been "inventing true stories" since I was 7 years old, and writing down these tales as The Chronicler. My aim is to write "children's literature" as opposed to "kids' books," and promote Wonder for both adults and children alike.

Many full novels and hopeful animations are in the works, and you can find links to my first books - fables from "T'vanna" ("The Everything") - on this site. These fables portray concepts of growth - family, life, death, unity, individuality, happiness, hatred, forgiveness, grief, love, courage, trust - in fantasy-world settings.


You can also find some free short stories here in my blog.

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Use "Titles/Contact" for published and coming works or to commission book-readings.

Go to "Artwork" to look through some of my original artwork

Check out my "Blog" to read more about The Chronicler and a multitude of worlds, languages, and cultures.

I wish to support charities that aid the homeless, elders, and foster children. I also love to promote personal businesses for artists and craftsman. If you would like to be featured on the promotion page, send me an email of your craft, and a video or link to your work or charity.

The Chronicler

The Chronicler is a "somnibus."

Somnibi are dreamwalkers - people who see into the realm of dreams where all beings are connected. This includes not only the people of Earth, but any other worlds connected to our dreamscape, joined to our timeline, experiencing a parallel beginning and heading toward an end. Without knowing it, we influence each other, unconsciously transferring our thoughts and beliefs by the realm of our dreams.

Most somnibi die without ever fully knowing the gift they have. Many are visionaries, artists, or authors. Others are able to navigate Quadrivium (see blog), and take the opportunity to experience the stories we'd otherwise never know. The Chronicler has fallen in love with lives from many other worlds. Believing that a powerful story can bring new perspective and shape history, she writes down what she sees.

"May your life be wondrous." -- Docus lem Laurel ol Sulto


"What Side Are You?"

There once were two families who fought a great deal. They fought with their hearts - they fought with all zeal. They fought over who's coffee-brewing was best; they fought over style and who most impressed. No matter how much they fought, no one could win!

So on they continued.

Again, and again.

Previous Release!

Tales of T'vanna: Miki's Dream

In a land hidden by time and protected by magic, there is a village of small creatures called the "Omi."

For his Coming-of-Age Ceremony, young

Miki must decide what his place is among the village, but... what if he can't find anything? Wouldn't it be better if he just looked like all the other kids?

A story of self-discovery and a dare to be who you are.

Tales of T'vanna: Lissa's Choice

Everything around her is beautiful, everyone around her is happy... So why isn't she? A story about an improbable friendship, and discovering for oneself what makes life worth living.


Tales of T'vanna are short stories set in a fictional realm and designed to be read together with the family or at bedtime. Each fable or story is written with the purpose of inspiring the imagination while exploring new perspectives and strengthening vocabulary.

Tales of T'vanna: The Tale of Desmond Deathflores

How a poisonous flower rose above the world's idea of who he was and what he could do, and made a single decision that changed the world - a tale of darker concepts as told from a light heart.

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