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"What Side Are You?" cover

I've had this book's writing done for about 7 years, but I was never happy with the images. I'm thankful to Alba Lugo for taking the art over ^^

Precious Miki

I adore this little kid, and I hope to write more from his village.


Check out the blog about her ^__^ She was the spark that started it all. I will forever love this playful, warrior, ruler, mentor of mine.

Lissa's Choice (Cover)

Newly Released! The art for "Lissa's Choice" was done by Alba Lugo. You can find her on Instagram @Gelbekunst ^__^ I look forward to working with her again soon (also, possible animations~ find out more on my chronicler9 Patreon page)

Mikal on a journey

Mikal has been a long-time obsession of mine since I first encountered him when I was 14. I expect some will love him, many will hate him, but having seen his heart he will always be dear to mine.

Hikimini sketch

This is the four-faced appointed overseer of air during the creation of the first world that Lydi traveled to.

Desmond and the Bee

watercolor of Tegami and Desmond, from "The Tale of Desmond Deathflores"

A Kingdom in Rhiad

watercolor landscape in "The Tale of Desmond Deathflores" - Desmond's single decision changes the world of Rhíad.

Healing Vision

watercolor of Desmond the poisonous flower and Caston the apothecary - from "The Tale of Desmond Deathflores"


a self portrait in colored pencil


a pen sketch of a strange girl's curious journey between dimensions - featured in a coming short story: "Bubblewitch"


a pen sketch of the culture and feel of a world full of technology alongside poverty


an image created using the Paint program: from the Mikal Series (novels in progress) Kina's mother and father, envisioning a future for their child. Kina leaves home when she is 4 and doesn't even think to look back until long after her parents have passed, so this picture feels very nostalgic to me.

Star Maiden

another image created in the Paint program, from the "Mikal" series (novels in progress), of Mikal's devastated mother, Rozaeli. Hers is a tale full of tragedy, but she is a being of sincerity, beauty, and love - the trials she overcomes are astounding.


image created in Paint - Sasha and her other personality // from the webtoons comic "SUPERSTAR! Inc."

Commission - Mother and Child

commission artwork for a book of poems // medium: markers

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