Three Character Sheets and Sketches ^_^

Docus lem Laurel ol Sulto

Name: Docus lem Laurel ol Sulto

Occupation: Teacher / Royal of Sulto

Inner Strength: Laughter and Wisdom

Inner Weakness: Caring too deeply at times

- Docus is an MC from the worlds of Al Cir. Originally born in Proleeca, and raised to become a ruler for one of its three largest nations, she took after her mother in being rather unorthodox. This easily-excitable soul manages to balance the roles of teacher and mentor at Proleeca's Light Academy, being a ruling authority for Sulto, and being a front-line warrior and general in the fight against the draka.

- In the books of Al Cir, Docus introduces herself to Daiu (MC) as her personal mentor and whisks her away to Proleeca. She plays a crucial role in Daiu's development as well as in the war, but never loses her childish antics.

Chronicler Commentary: It honestly took me a long time to figure out what to put as her "weakness." She's not OP - she certainly has her own flaws and is not remotely immortal - but this woman is genuinely incredible. The very first stories in T'vanna that I witnessed originated in the five worlds of Al Cir - with the entrance of Docus. She grinned widely, spread her arms, and said "Wondrous day, is it not!" ... I was captivated by her in an instant, and continued to traverse Al Cir through Daiu's eyes, guided by her energy to experience just how "wondrous" everything truly is.


Name: Elu

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Prince in Evyr

Inner strength: Cleverness and tact

Inner weakness: Appearance and reputation

- Elu is an ethereal being, residing in the realm of Evyr which, to my current knowledge, connects more than one of the worlds I've seen. The main world he links to is Rhíad. He has the ability to take on physical form for periods of time, and knows how to bridge the physical to the incorporeal.

- So far, I have 2 stories for him: one is a fable, which exists thanks to Shaura (character sheet coming soon) and the other is the true story, which I'm planning to publish as a novel. I've depicted both versions of him in this quick sketch.

Note: The floating green orbs are formed from a substance known as "corel" which is essentially the "splendor" of a world.


Name: Mikal/Mikaelu

Age: from left to right, roughly 40, 400, and [not-disclosed]

Occupation: Wanderer

Inner strength: Determination and Follow-through

Inner weakness: Fixation to point of folly at times; father issues.

- MC of the coming "A Mikal's Child" novel series, Mikal is born from a human woman and a "Star" (an ethereal being from Evyr). Because of this, he has access to an extremely extended life-span. He is also very difficult to kill, as he can alter the dominate state of his body to be ethereal or physical.

- It is difficult to talk about Mikal in depth without giving away certain twists and turns in his story/stories. This includes the final age depicted in this image, as he may or may not ever be able to reach that age, but I love drawing him so I'll imagine whatever age I want even if it never actually got to be.

Chronicler Commentary:

I don't expect everyone to love Mikal the way I do... But I hope others will be able to see why I do, even if they don't agree with me after reading his tale.

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