Desmond Deathflores, and Why I Wrote It

Hi everyone, and thanks for following me.

We've got a lot more coming your way, so I wanted to take a moment and speak to you face-to-youtube. I've just recently quit one of my two full-time jobs to work on writing full time while holding the other. It's been quite a journey these 27 years, and I do believe there is much more journeying ahead of me. In the above video, I wanted to tell those of you who have yet to read my first release, "The Tale of Desmond Deathflores," what it really is about, and the mindset I had writing this.

You'll notice in all my works that I am a very big proponent of "Wonder." I believe, as The Chronicler, I am building the case for Wonder - by which I mean, I want to revive it to be a normal pattern of thought while we go about our every day.

How many times did you look up at the sky today?

How many cars passed by you, with people you haven't met living lives you haven't seen?

Do you realize how specific our air needs to be for us to breathe properly every day?

Do you realize how specific our gravity needs to be for us not to spiral into the sun or zoom on past its warmth?

Do you wonder?

Wonder gets us to think, to invent, to create, to improve, to become More than our past has had. Wonder makes us reach, and excites us to believe in great things.

"May your life be wondrous." - Docus lem Laurel ol Sulto

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