Barely Ghoti! (this is not a typo)

Hello, guys!

Did you know that "Ghoti" is pronounced "Fish?"

Of course you did. You're reading Chronicler blogs. You're an intellectual.

But a lot of people might find it odd or silly to pronounce "ghoti" as "fish" - because American English is crazy like that.

Well, there are a lot of OTHER crazy aspects of the world too. So my roommate and I have started a vlog about it.

My name is Dani. Her name is Lashonda. Together we are Barely Ghoti!

Our vlog can be found on YouTube, if you'd like to give it a watch!

There's a LOT going on in the world. It can be hard to remember what "just being human" even feels like anymore, with all the labels and the quarrels and the angles of speech... It's a breath of fresh air when we can just... be. Y'know?

Join in with our chats and take part in the silly, creative, awkward, and serious.

Let's be human.


Stay Gorgeous, people~ <3

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